Tips For Learning Guitar Chords

The heart of learning the guitar is about understanding guitar chords.

acoustic guitar and guitar tab bookThe faster you do this, the easier it will be to learn the art of playing this instrument. It takes a while to master the guitar chords and get them drilled in. However, some tips make the process simpler, so you’re not left bashing your head against the wall in frustration!

So, what should you be doing while you are learning how to play the guitar and master these chords?

Here are the tips guitar instructors feel is a must as you go down this path.

1) Start Slowly

You need to start slowly with guitar chords.

Be methodical and make sure you recognize that relationship between your fingers and the chords. This is how you’re going to drill it into your head, and it will feel good to go ahead and play it. These are things you will master over time but at first, it will seem difficult.girl playing guitar

The best thing to do is allow a set amount of time for this part of your learning experience. It is going to get easier, and that’s a promise!

You need to start as slowly as possible.

2) Don’t Ignore The Hard Ones

It is easy to think you will be able to learn a lot more by dominating the easier chords and that’s a mistake. It might work for a while, but you need to get a grasp of the full spectrum of guitar chords to master it. Otherwise, you are hiding your flaws, and it will fall apart on you.

In most cases, players are going to ignore F Major because of how hard it is to play. However, you have to take this challenge head on as that is how you will improve as a guitar player. The more you delay it, the harder it will get to master.

3) Don’t Stare At Guitar

Yes, this is one of those tips you need to mull over and get a spot on.

You can’t keep staring at the guitar because you’re nervous about where your hands are. It should get to the point where you don’t have to look. Have you ever seen a guitar player that keeps staring at his/her hands when they are up on stage?


They keep looking away because they don’t even have to think about where their hands are. You want to slowly practice doing this as that is when you will get a real hang of it.

4) Say The Chords Out Loud

guitar pick on stringsWhen you’re learning, it is best to say the chords out loud as you play them. The goal is to know where your hands are as you are playing them. It is easy to think you’re playing the right one when you are not. This is why you need to be smart and make that connection.

If not, you are going to keep making mistakes, and it will lead to major issues as you are learning.

These are the things you need to keep in mind according to guitar instructors. If you are not doing this, you are not going to learn how to play the guitar properly. Get these chords in your head and let that be the foundation for the rest of your guitar playing.

The foundational aspect of playing any instrument begins here, and that is why you need to spend time on it. If you are not focusing on these details, it is going to be a much harder task to get to where you want to be musical. It is these things that matter most. If you’re like me here is a website that reviews some of the best guitar lessons for beginners most of them offer a trial of 14 days a few years back these sites help me understand the basics.

Getting Your Fist Guitar

There some key points to follow when you want to buy your first guitar first one is whats your budget when you’re starting out is always a good idea to start low, second, what is style do you want to play acoustic or electric guitar if your like me that loves both and are on a budget go for electric I found some great preset and settings will get a good acoustic sound that if you’re on a budget Epiphone and fender are great guitars they have some affordable ones that are all, for now, will keep this post short tune in for more articles.